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Q: What do I need to do to prepare my car for transport?
A: Be sure that your vehicle is operable and safe. We require the following to safely load and unload your vehicle:
at least four inches (4”) of ground clearance
no less than ¼-tank of gas, no more than a ½-tank
one set of keys driver’s side door and window in proper working condition
brakes MUST work (emergency brake if manual transmission)
NO fluid leaks as damage caused will result in additional charges; and please let us know of any modifications made to your vehicle, such as 4x4 lift kits, lowered suspensions, camper tops, and so on.

Q: Does my car need to be clean?
A: A vehicle shipping inspection will be performed at both the origin and destination. You, or your auto transport representative, must be present at both times to confirm and sign the bill of lading and condition report. In order to perform a quality inspection:
clean your car inside and out so that existing scratches and blemishes can be noted
disconnect all alarm systems
and remove the following:
all antennas, unless they can be fully retracted;
personal belongings, with the exception of standard vehicle items, such as a jack and spare tire;
all non-permanent luggage, bike, and ski racks
all exterior spare tire, grill, and car covers.
unmounted radios, CD or cassette decks, and car phones
garage door openers, gate openers, and toll tag passes
Note: Federal law prohibits the shipment of plants, hazardous materials, and firearms.

Q: Will my car be driven by anyone else?
A: Your car may be needed to be driven on and off the truck by the driver. In some instances your car may be needed to be unloaded and reloaded once or twice during transit at the drivers discretion. The mileage on your car will be noted on the vehicle condition report at the time of pick-up and again on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery.

Q: How do I pay for my car transport?
A: Most companies require a deposit anywhere between 10 and 25 percent of the total cost of the transport via credit card. The remaining balance is paid upon delivery.

Q: Can I pack personal belongings in the car that is being transported?
A: You can pack personal belongings at your own risk. Auto transport companies do not carry insurance that covers lost or damaged personal belongings. If you choose to pack personal belongings in the car it can be no more than 100lbs worth and can not block the view of the driver out of any window.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my car to be transported?
A: The sooner the better especially if you need your car to reach its destination at a certain time. Typically a month in advance is sufficient will ensure you car arrives on time.

Q: Where can I get my car picked up and where will it be delivered?
A: In most cases shipping companies will attempt to do a door-to-door delivery. In some instances this is just not possible due to varying factors such as narrow roads, dirt roads, low trees, or heavy vehicle restrictions. If these instances apply it is easiest to arrange pick-up/delivery at a nearby parking lot where there is enough space.

Q: Is my car covered by insurance while it's being transported?
A: The most important thing is you want to make sure that your car arrives in the same condition you left it. Our company covers the value of the car while it is being transported. A vehicle condition report is taken at the time of pick-up by the shipping company. When your car arrives at its destination you will be given the opportunity to go over the report. If there are any discrepancies it is essential that you make a note of it at the time so you don't loose out on a claim.

Q: What happens if my car is damaged during transit?
A: Though this is rare it can happen. The car shipping company will work with you to reimburse you for any damages that occurred during the shipping process
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Allied Auto Shippers were professional and courteous. They delivered my Toyota Camry from Toledo to Miami on time and in perfect condition. I would recommend them to anyone!

- Mike Dressel
Miami, FL


From start to finish Allied Auto Shippers were a pleasure to work with. I had both my cars delivered in a timely fashion and they kept in touch with us throughout the entire process! They'll be getting my business again!

- Brittany Brickman
San Diego, CA

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